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e martë, korrik 14, 2009


Nostalgia..., originally uploaded by [en‧kū].

It takes more than two to tangle...

Asian Vine Snakes @ Monterey Bay Aquarium

home kitchen still life

home kitchen still life, originally uploaded by tEdGuY49®.

insomnia 5:45

insomnia 5:45, originally uploaded by feelings*.

, originally uploaded by Elena Gal.

Overstroomde uiterwaarden 26 Flood of the meuse 26

ambiguous parameters of the anonymous being

World Refugee Day, Kenya

World Refugee Day, Kenya, originally uploaded by UNHCR.

Sudanese refugees dance for High Commissioner António Guterres at the University of Nairobi.

The Looking Glass - Part I v2

Pas dels Lladres

Pas dels Lladres, originally uploaded by Ferran..

Until the light takes us

Until the light takes us, originally uploaded by heldriver.

Poloroid, no photoshop!


dream, originally uploaded by FoxLine.

, originally uploaded by An Vie.

ealised with 3 pics taken by bluevague

Lors d'une séance photo exceptionnelle en tous sens organisée par dottdulcamara

Light = Colors

Light = Colors, originally uploaded by 8Digits.

To anyone who lives near Tokyo, we will have a June 7, Sunday, "Heart of Tokyo" Shoot at Ginza, Yurakucho and Tokyo area. Please PM me for details if you are interested.

I know that this is a short notice, but sometimes, good plans happen in the last minute.

I'm using the description for this announcement to better serve its purpose.

, originally uploaded by B&.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego, originally uploaded by Michelle Brea.

Kobe Claroscuro - Kobe Chiaroscuro

Double A trees

Double A trees, originally uploaded by Bеn.

Double A is a Thai company and brand that is currently available in more than 100 countries worldwide and recently started in the U.S.. According Double A their business also serves as a major economic benefit for the citizens of Thailand. The farmed trees are harvested by more than 1.5 million local farmers who receive training and stability amongst Thailand's agricultural crops that can cause seasonal labor migrations and income fluctuations. Double A uses pulp from farmed trees in Thailand, a sustainable and innovative harvesting method that reduces environmental impacts. Made from farmed Eucalyptus trees grown throughout agricultural communities in Thailand, Double A's pulp harvesting method significantly reduces environmental impacts while making a high-quality paper product. Planted alongside existing rice paddies, corn and other crops that would otherwise be unused, the paper from farmed trees does not require land clearing or the destruction of forests, avoiding impact to the environment. Additionally, the trees significantly diminish harmful greenhouse gases by reducing more than two million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

photo of the Eucalyptus trees taken at the border of the Khao Yai National park in Thailand. A sign near the trees mentioned "Double A paper". Last year there were my advertisements on television with the slogan " Double A paper, double quality paper". I didn't know it was a Thai company.

De conventionele pulp- en papierindustrie is volledig afhankelijk van bomen die meer dan 50 jaar oud zijn. En die bovendien gekapt worden in natuurlijke bossen.Bij Double A doen ze het anders. Zij gebruiken 3 tot 5 jaar oude bomen. Deze worden speciaal gekweekt in het geografisch en klimatologisch gunstig gelegen Thailand. En dankzij de expertise en jarenlange ervaring van Thaise boeren worden bomen geplant en gekapt zonder daarbij de natuurlijke bossen te vernietigen of te beschadigen. Op die manier behouden ze dus het ecologisch evenwicht. De bijzondere kwaliteit van Double A Paper is allereerst te danken aan een speciale eucalyptusboom. Deze snelgroeiende boom wordt gekweekt op hun eigen plantages in Thailand. Deze bomen worden vervolgens met minimaal water verbruik verwerkt in een van de meest moderne fabrieken van Azië. De capaciteit van de pulp (de eerste verwerking) fabriek is ruim 427.000 ton. Deze fabriek is overigens vrij te bezoeken op afspraak.

Uploaded by Bеn on 4 Mar 09, 12.47

e enjte, shkurt 05, 2009

Fragmented reality

Fragmented reality, originally uploaded by JMC - PHOTO.

A morning Kiss

A morning Kiss, originally uploaded by oochappan.

on the way to Munnar
I had to make a run to get this man on the way to his fields, lucky the villagers stopped him and when I reached him, even his bullocks gave their best to please all ... in an early morning sun.

Spring princess

Spring princess, originally uploaded by ANTONIO GENOVIA.

Model: Susan
MUA: K.D ( Mayhem #576176)
Set Partner: Panorama Studios
Location: AG Studio. Morgan Hill, Ca.

, originally uploaded by fotowosch.

brightly bold door #2

brightly bold door #2, originally uploaded by su3h3nry.

Prima dei lavori...

Prima dei lavori..., originally uploaded by beppe610.


...orway, originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

Easy Rider as establishment propaganda

t had been 20 years since I had seen "Easy Rider", and my viewing of it recently made me question some long-held assumptions that I, and most others have had.

First, lemme say that it is still a great movie--a classic road tale and best-buddy tale, with incredible scenary and music and some of the best lines ever (all by Jack Nicholson).

Everyone seems to plug "Easy Rider" as a "counter-culture" classic; a Google search showed that High Times magazine readers voted it the top "drug movie" of all time. But... the best type of propaganda is that whose surface details are directly opposite the generative, underlying message, and I am wondering if that is not true with this movie. I have no idea what Hopper, Fonda, and Southern's underlying motives or intents were... but let's re-examine the assumption that Easy Rider is anti-establishment.

A story's underlying moral imperative can be implied by its characters' narrative arches. In this case, our two anti-heros, Wyatt and Billy, seek to buck the culture, but end up dead. Jack Nicholson's character George, is an insuferrable drunk who has survived--until he hooks up with Wyatt and Billy, and then he get's killed by a machete. Cool. The anti-heroes are not doing something morally but alternatively attractive; no, they got money from selling cocaine and are using it to go to New Orleans to party. The film is sold as being "pro-drug", but wait... The drug users in the film end up dead (or as prostitutes); they spend their LSD-trip in a graveyard; and Wyatt's giggling and stumbling around is so over-the-top it borders on absurd. Wow, looks fun to me!

The commune is not portrayed very positively, to say the least.... the leader is for-all-intents polygamous... their "bath" consists of a face-full of water from a bucket, and a quick splash to their (clothed) underarms... they get to sleep with a goat in the house (wouldn't the snoring already be bad enough, you wanna add a goat?)... they get to throw seeds on top of dust--this is not inspired, this is stupid... they sing silly old folk songs that everyone hates and have to live with a mime troupe (could you imagine a worse fate!). I'm sorry, but how exactly is this attractive? And in the end, they pick on Wyatt, showing that even they are as narrow-minded as the latter attackers.

Yes, the attackers are portayed as "narrow-minded hicks"... but they're also "cool" enough to admire the bikers' wheels, and in the end, do they get caught or punished? No...

One could say that the story line itself is secondary to the music soundtrack. In college, I heard the soundtrack long before I saw the movie, and it is a great collection of songs. But that just brings us back to movie-as-selling-products...

Establishment propaganda or not? View with open eyes...

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim with Kodak Elitechrome EBX 35mm ISO100 slide film cross-processed as a color negative. No other effects added. Development by Tempe Camera. Eleventh shot posted from roll. (Explore)

Walking into a winterscene

Walking into a winterscene, originally uploaded by Helmi Eshuis.

touch the sky

touch the sky, originally uploaded by amy_B123.


Madrona, originally uploaded by Bec Thomas Photography.

Ever so green.

Ever so green., originally uploaded by PEDRO ALVARADO.


flowaz, originally uploaded by {J.}.

just playing around with lovely Gina's new textures : )


Heart, originally uploaded by Saaer ,,When justice prevail.

with strawberry in my mouth

with strawberry in my mouth, originally uploaded by foxeto.

a la Mondrian

a la Mondrian , originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

Someone's knocking.

Someone's knocking., originally uploaded by PEDRO ALVARADO.

Grense - Borderline

Grense - Borderline, originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

California Poppies6

Hey Mr. Tenderloin Man, play a crack pipe for me.

People smoke crack in the Tenderloin like it's legal. I think he just put the blanket over his head to get more of those fine crack fumes.