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e enjte, mars 24, 2011

Bentota beach

Bentota beach, originally uploaded by Merkur*.

See 'Bentota beach' On White OR

'Bentota beach' On Black

Frederico Garcia Lorca
(river replaced with beach)

I took her to the beach
Believing she was a virgin
But she had a husband.

It was the night of Saint James and almost as promised
The street lamps extinguished as the crickets lit up
In the far corners I touched her sleeping nipples,
And suddenly they opened to me
Like a hyacinth branch.

The starch of her taffeta
Sounded in my ear like silk scratched by ten knives.
Without silver light on their crowns the trees had grown,
And an horizon of dogs barked very far from the river.

Beyond raspberry bushes, rushes and thorn shrubs,
Under her matted hair I hollowed out the mud.
I took off my tie.
She dropped her dress.
I unbuckled my gunbelt
She let fall her four laces.
Neither white petals nor snails have skin so fine
Nor moonlit crystals shine with her brilliance.

Her thighs escaped me like surprised fish,
Half filled with embers, half filled with ice.
That night I ran—best runner of all the roads,
Mounted on a pearly steed, neither saddle nor bridle.

As a man I can not tell the things she told me
Light of understanding makes me prudent.
Dirty with sand and with kisses
I took her away from the beach
The swords of the lilies flailed in the breezes.

I behaved as befit me, a genuine gypsy
I gave her a sewing basket of straw-colored silk
I refused to fall in love with her because she has a husband.
She said she was virgin when I took her to the beach.

(lumi zëvendësuar me det - nga unë)
Gruaja e pabesë

Dhe e shpura atë te deti
duke besuar se qe e virgjër
po ajo qënkësh e martuar.
Ishte nata e Santiagos
dhe sikur ta kishin bërë me fjalë
dritat e udhës zunë u zbehën
dhe bulkthit nisën të kuqëlojnë.
Matanë qoshes së fundit
preka gjijtë e saj të fjetur
dhe ata në çast m’u hapën
porsi heshtat e zymbylave.
Kolla e fustanit të saj
tringëllonte në veshët e mij
si copa të gjata mëndafshi
nga dhjetë gërshëra prerë.
Pemët u rritën pamasë
pa dritë argjendi në degë
dhe një horizont me qen
lehte tutje, shumë larg detit.

Atje pas ferrave
kallameve e gjembave
hoqa tutje baltën
nën tufën e flokëve të saj.
Hoqa kravatën time
ajo zhveshi rrobet
unë rripin e mesit me koburen
dhe ajo pjesët e korsesë.
As lulet dhe perlat
nuk kishin lëkurë më të bukur
dhe as me këtë brilancë
kristalet e hënës nuk shndrisnin.

Si peshq të trembur papritur
shkanë nga unë kofshët e saj
gjysma larë me akull
gjysma larë me zjarr.
Në udhën më të mirë
atë natë kalërova
hipur mbi një pelë sedefi
pa yzengji e kapistër.
Si burrë, nuk do t’i them
gjithato ç’më tha ajo,
drita e mirkuptimit
më bën mua më të përmbajtur.

Njollosur me rërë e puthje
e solla atë nga deti
teksa shpatat e lilave
fshikullonin lart ajrin.
Pastaj u solla siç jam
një cigan i vërtetë, sidoqoftë:
i dhashë asaj një shportë të thurur
prej atlasi ngjyrë kashte.
Po s’pranova ta dua më
se e martuar ishte
por më tha se ishte e virgjër
kur po e shpija te deti.

Bentota beach

Bentota beach, originally uploaded by Merkur*.

e premte, mars 18, 2011

Life is a Mirror

Life is a Mirror, originally uploaded by Jordan_K.

, originally uploaded by james eugene frank.


Ep!, originally uploaded by Ferran..

Tribute to Art Photography in Color - Is Your Art Universal? 01

, originally uploaded by Chrispz.

Days of Future Passed

Days of Future Passed, originally uploaded by Jordan_K.

train | colors

train | colors, originally uploaded by simona bonanno.

les choses, les plus simples (revisited)

es choses, les plus simples (the simple things we said)
© 1990 gabriel yacoub

c’est quand la nuit m’échappe et que je ne peux pas dormir
que mes désirs reviennent bien avant toi

quand je passe mes jours à oublier ces nuits
quand je t’appelle et que tu n’entends pas

alors je me souviens des choses les plus simples
les choses qu’on a dit ne jamais oublier

il faut marcher longtemps pour en finir de ces langueurs
il faut fermer les yeux partir ailleurs

et les saisons qui traînent entre paris et l’océan
un ennui qui grandit en symphonie

c’est quand la nuit m’échappe et que je ne peux pas dormir
et c’est quand tu es lasse bien avant moi

and then i think about the simple things we said
the things we promised never to forget

http://www.gabrielyacoub.com/uploads/titre/59_CA0B620E14.mp3 (french version)
http://www.gabrielyacoub.com/uploads/titre/52_CA0B620E01.mp3 (english version)

, originally uploaded by Chrispz.

The darker days during Arctic winter

An ice sheet is a mass of glacier ice that covers surrounding terrain and is greater than 50,000 km² 20,000 mile² thus also known as continental glacier. The only current ice sheets are in Antarctica and Greenland. Ice sheets are bigger than ice shelves or alpine glaciers. Masses of ice covering less than 50,000 km2 are termed an ice cap. An ice cap will typically feed a series of glaciers. The Greenland, and probably the Antarctic, ice sheets have been losing mass recently. However, loss of mass on the Antarctic sheet may continue, if there is sufficient loss to outlet glaciers. By today's recent observations the vulnerability of the ice sheets to warming could increase future sea level rise. But our understanding of these processes is still very limited and there is no consensus on their magnitude. More research work is therefore required in order to improve the reliability of predictions of ice-sheet response on global warming. According to a study at the University of Minnesota. Robert Johnson, an adjunct professor of geology and geophysics Global warming may actually assist new ice sheet growth because growth depends less on cold temperatures than on a strong supply of moisture and very heavy snowfall over northern land masses. He published his arguments in a book, Secrets of the Ice Ages.

Photo of a ice cap at the IJsselmeer (IJmeer) near Amsterdam. The lake is frozen and fresh snow fallen recently. I feel like Roald Amundsen on one of his Polar treks to the North pole. The sounds of fresh snow rustle under my shoes and a little Cessna airplane just flying over. Must have been an exciting flight for them over this beautiful ice sheet. In the distance you can see the lighthouse of Marken. The ice is a bit unsafe to walk the 10km. The is the Marken lighthouse, given its name due to its shape ('paard' means 'horse' in dutch). The original was built in 1700, then reconstructed on top of the early foundations in 1839. It's still in use today.

Het onmetelijke uitzicht op de sneeuw en ijsvlakte bij de Oostvaardersdijk is bijna on-Nederlands. Het IJsselmeer IJmeer is bijna totaal bevroren. Een prachtige intense winter-ervaringen en je voelt je voor even Roald Amundsen. Een adembenemende ervaring in deze winter van 2010. Witter dan wit, stiller dan stil, uitgestrekter dan....Ik laat mij betoveren door het dik besneeuwde landschap; het gekraak van de verse sneeuw en het geluid van ganzen in de verte. Het lijkt op een ijsvlakte ergens in Groenland. Grote ijsvlaktes bedekken Groenland en Antarctica en bevatten het merendeel van ‘s-werelds zoetwatervoorraad. De ijsvlakte ontstaat door het samenpersen van de jaarlijkse sneeuwval, de ijslaag kan zo tot wel 3 km dik worden. IJsvlaktes kunnen hele bergketens bedekken, op sommige plaatsen steken alleen de bergtoppen erboven uit. IJsvlaktes verplaatsen zich langzaam, van plateaus naar valleien en tenslotte richting de oceaan. IJsvlakten kunnen zich uitstrekken tot in de oceaan als ijsplateaus. Als een ijsvlakte de oceaan bereikt, brokkelt hij af en smelt vervolgens. Hierdoor kan onze zeespiegel gaan stijgen. Studies over het smelten van de ijskappen en het gevaar hiervan zijn eigenlijk nog in een begin fase. We weten er eigenlijk nog te weinig van. Een professor van Minnesota. Robert Johnson beweerde zelfs het tegenovergestelde. Het broeikaseffect zorgt juist dat de ijsvlaktes groeien omdat de groei minder te maken heeft met koude temperaturen, eerder met aanvoer van vocht in de vorm van regen en sneeuw op het noordelijke halfrond. Het is allemaal te lezen in z'n boek, Secrets of the Ice Ages.
Vanaf de Oostvaardersdijk bij Almere kan je bij goed weer de vuurtoren van Marken zien liggen. Een prachtig gezicht over de immense ijsvlakte. Nog te onveilig om op de 10km te lopen maar prachtig om over heen te vliegen. Het Paard van Marken is een vuurtoren van Marken. De vuurtoren is gebouwd in 1839 en staat op de oostelijke punt van het eiland. De toren heeft een hoogte van 16 meter en een lichtbereik van 16,7 km.

The illusory

The illusory, originally uploaded by hoan_canonian.