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e enjte, shkurt 05, 2009

Fragmented reality

Fragmented reality, originally uploaded by JMC - PHOTO.

A morning Kiss

A morning Kiss, originally uploaded by oochappan.

on the way to Munnar
I had to make a run to get this man on the way to his fields, lucky the villagers stopped him and when I reached him, even his bullocks gave their best to please all ... in an early morning sun.

Spring princess

Spring princess, originally uploaded by ANTONIO GENOVIA.

Model: Susan
MUA: K.D ( Mayhem #576176)
Set Partner: Panorama Studios
Location: AG Studio. Morgan Hill, Ca.

, originally uploaded by fotowosch.

brightly bold door #2

brightly bold door #2, originally uploaded by su3h3nry.

Prima dei lavori...

Prima dei lavori..., originally uploaded by beppe610.


...orway, originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

Easy Rider as establishment propaganda

t had been 20 years since I had seen "Easy Rider", and my viewing of it recently made me question some long-held assumptions that I, and most others have had.

First, lemme say that it is still a great movie--a classic road tale and best-buddy tale, with incredible scenary and music and some of the best lines ever (all by Jack Nicholson).

Everyone seems to plug "Easy Rider" as a "counter-culture" classic; a Google search showed that High Times magazine readers voted it the top "drug movie" of all time. But... the best type of propaganda is that whose surface details are directly opposite the generative, underlying message, and I am wondering if that is not true with this movie. I have no idea what Hopper, Fonda, and Southern's underlying motives or intents were... but let's re-examine the assumption that Easy Rider is anti-establishment.

A story's underlying moral imperative can be implied by its characters' narrative arches. In this case, our two anti-heros, Wyatt and Billy, seek to buck the culture, but end up dead. Jack Nicholson's character George, is an insuferrable drunk who has survived--until he hooks up with Wyatt and Billy, and then he get's killed by a machete. Cool. The anti-heroes are not doing something morally but alternatively attractive; no, they got money from selling cocaine and are using it to go to New Orleans to party. The film is sold as being "pro-drug", but wait... The drug users in the film end up dead (or as prostitutes); they spend their LSD-trip in a graveyard; and Wyatt's giggling and stumbling around is so over-the-top it borders on absurd. Wow, looks fun to me!

The commune is not portrayed very positively, to say the least.... the leader is for-all-intents polygamous... their "bath" consists of a face-full of water from a bucket, and a quick splash to their (clothed) underarms... they get to sleep with a goat in the house (wouldn't the snoring already be bad enough, you wanna add a goat?)... they get to throw seeds on top of dust--this is not inspired, this is stupid... they sing silly old folk songs that everyone hates and have to live with a mime troupe (could you imagine a worse fate!). I'm sorry, but how exactly is this attractive? And in the end, they pick on Wyatt, showing that even they are as narrow-minded as the latter attackers.

Yes, the attackers are portayed as "narrow-minded hicks"... but they're also "cool" enough to admire the bikers' wheels, and in the end, do they get caught or punished? No...

One could say that the story line itself is secondary to the music soundtrack. In college, I heard the soundtrack long before I saw the movie, and it is a great collection of songs. But that just brings us back to movie-as-selling-products...

Establishment propaganda or not? View with open eyes...

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim with Kodak Elitechrome EBX 35mm ISO100 slide film cross-processed as a color negative. No other effects added. Development by Tempe Camera. Eleventh shot posted from roll. (Explore)

Walking into a winterscene

Walking into a winterscene, originally uploaded by Helmi Eshuis.

touch the sky

touch the sky, originally uploaded by amy_B123.


Madrona, originally uploaded by Bec Thomas Photography.

Ever so green.

Ever so green., originally uploaded by PEDRO ALVARADO.


flowaz, originally uploaded by {J.}.

just playing around with lovely Gina's new textures : )


Heart, originally uploaded by Saaer ,,When justice prevail.

with strawberry in my mouth

with strawberry in my mouth, originally uploaded by foxeto.

a la Mondrian

a la Mondrian , originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

Someone's knocking.

Someone's knocking., originally uploaded by PEDRO ALVARADO.

Grense - Borderline

Grense - Borderline, originally uploaded by 彡erlingsi.

California Poppies6

Hey Mr. Tenderloin Man, play a crack pipe for me.

People smoke crack in the Tenderloin like it's legal. I think he just put the blanket over his head to get more of those fine crack fumes.

Ice Age reaches Amsterdam 2009!

Ice Age reaches Amsterdam 2009!, originally uploaded by Bеn.

The general term ice age or, more precisely, "glacial age" denotes a geological period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in an expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. There have been at least four major ice ages in the Earth's past. Outside these periods, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes. There is evidence that greenhouse gas levels fell at the start of ice ages and rose during the retreat of the ice sheets, but it is difficult to establish cause and effect (see the notes above on the role of weathering). Greenhouse gas levels may also have been affected by other factors which have been proposed as causes of ice ages, such as the movement of continents and vulcanism. Although the last glacial period ended more than 8,000 years ago, its effects can still be felt today. For example, the moving ice carved out landscape in Canada, Greenland, northern Eurasia and Antarctica. The erratic boulders, till, drumlins, eskers, fjords, kettle lakes, moraines, cirques, horns, etc., are typical features left behind by the glaciers.

Photo of hummocks taken at the IJsselmeer (IJmeer) near Amsterdam. A hummock is a boss or rounded knoll of ice rising above the general level of an ice-field, Hummocky ice is caused by slow and unequal pressure in the main body of the packed ice, and by unequal structure and temperature at a later period.

Een ijstijd of glaciatie is een geologisch tijdvak waarin ijskappen voorkomen. In het Engels wordt dit een periode van ice-house genoemd, als tegenhanger van een ijskaploze periode, de greenhouse ("broeikas"). Aangezien er gletsjers liggen op bijvoorbeeld Groenland of Antarctica, leven we tegenwoordig in een ijstijd. Men neemt aan dat dit in de gehele geologische geschiedenis van de Aarde minstens vijfmaal het geval is geweest, waarvan eenmaal zelfs zo sterk dat de ijskappen van de polen vrijwel tot aan de evenaar waren opgerukt. Ook zijn er periodes dat er aanzienlijke opwarming optrad waarbij die ijskappen grotendeels waren weggesmolten. Het klimaat op Aarde wordt beïnvloed door vele factoren, zoals de intensiteit van de zonnestraling, de ligging van de continenten, de continentverplaatsingen, vulkanisme, de zeestromen, de bedekking van het land door vegetatie, het weerkaatsingsvermogen van het aardoppervlak en vele kleine andere factoren. Met behulp van klimaatmodellen wordt door wetenschappers een reconstructie van het klimaat en de klimaatveranderingen in het verleden gemaakt. Alhoewel er een zekere consensus bestaat onder wetenschappers, zijn er nog vele onzekerheden en tegenstrijdigheden in dit onderzoek.
Hierboven een foto van kruiend ijs. Zoetwatermeren kunnen spectaculair bevriezen. Grotere meren zoals het IJsselmeer (IJmeer) hierboven hebben bijna altijd wel golven, en dit werkt directe bevriezing van het wateroppervlak tegen. Eerst vormen zich kleine ijsschotsen, die naar de kust drijven onder invloed van de wind. Deze schotsen vormen zo een ijsveld op het water dat de golven dempt, en uiteindelijk vriezen alle schotsen aan elkaar vast tot een massa. Voordat dit gebeurt schuren de schotsen voortdurend langs elkaar heen en schrapen zo stukjes ijs van elkaar af; elke schots krijgt zo een witte rand. Zulk ijs is dus totaal niet geschikt om op te schaatsen. Wanneer grotere delen van het meer bevriezen beginnen de platen, die soms een paar vierkante kilometer groot zijn, langzaam tegen elkaar te bewegen onder invloed van de wind en stroming. Dit heeft kruiend ijs tot gevolg: de ijsschotsen worden met kracht gebroken en op elkaar gestapeld langs de dijken langs het meer. Dit hoeft niet alleen bij dun ijs te gebeuren; soms kruit het ijs bij een dikte van meer dan 20 cm. De stapels ijs worden dan hoog, en het geluid is oorverdovend.

وتـامـرنـي بـنـورك يـا قـمـر دنـيـاي فـي كــونه


خذاني الشوق وأبحر بي على مركب شقى عمري .. وخـلاني بـهــالــدنـيـا أقـول أسـرار مـدفــــونـه
أثاري الشـوق ياخذنـي مـع أيـامـي بـدون أمــري .. ويجـبـرنـي عـلـى مـا أقـول ومـنـه الروح مغبونه
هـــــلـــكــنـــي الـحـب يـا عـالم قـضى حالي وانـا مدري .. ضرير الـشـوق مـا يـدري يـطـارد خلف مضنونه
يـمـر الـيـوم بــعـيونـي ويـمـضـي لـيـلـه ويسرى .. وأنـا مـثتل الـكسـير ألــي سـواد اللـيـل بـعـيونه
أخـفـي دمـعتـي وأكـتم وأساير في الهوى صبري .. وعـساي القـاك يــا عـمـري قـبل قبري يحفرونه
وأعـيش بـدنـيـتـي مرتاح ويغيب الهم عن صدري .. وتـام

, originally uploaded by David Alberts.

La part d'ombre

La part d'ombre, originally uploaded by * galaad *.

« Il n'est pas nécessaire de construire un labyrinthe quand l'Univers en est déjà un. »

Jorge Luis Borges

Loch Katrine at Dusk

Loch Katrine at Dusk, originally uploaded by violinconcertono3.

Anfiteatro de Regina

Anfiteatro de Regina, originally uploaded by aludel.

evening with M

evening with M, originally uploaded by {J.}.

De Middenweg

De Middenweg, originally uploaded by B&.

Giant Java Willow Tree

Giant Java Willow Tree, originally uploaded by KILAM's.

A giant living shelter on an infinite lawn at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Perandeniya, Sri Lanka. The gardens date as far back as 1371, during the period of King Wichramabahu the IIIrd. The Royal Botanical Gardens present plants in a way that is traditional and magnificent bringing back colonialism to contemporary landscapes.

a break in the clouds

a break in the clouds, originally uploaded by amy_B123.

, originally uploaded by Fumanchú.


Pomegranates, originally uploaded by A G Photography.

The second shot for the new series "Baroque Food" where I'm trying to replicate the feeling of old "stil life" baroque paintings. No strobist info as it's natural light (and some reflectors). Very limited postprocessing (levels, sharpening and some curves, mainly to emulate old polachrome), no textures added. Lens used was a Schneider-Kreuznach Curtagon 35/2.8.

Pindaya Monk

Pindaya Monk, originally uploaded by hanodedphotography.

Taken with my new Canon 135 MM lens. It's very hard to use, as it doesn't have IS... But it is an impressive piece of glass!!!!!! Does anyone have any experience using this lens? If so, tell me please!

© 2008 David Kerkhoff. All rights reserved

the girl and the sea

the girl and the sea, originally uploaded by amy_B123.

Thank you to the following flickrites for the textures I used on this photo:

In Flight

In Flight, originally uploaded by Bec Thomas Photography.

No this has not been color enhanced.

Old and New

Old and New, originally uploaded by surplus-to-requirements-stan.

Ribboned Eruption

Ribboned Eruption, originally uploaded by johngarghan.

Do you know what it is yet? Have a look at my website www.johngarghan.co.uk I promise you will never look at them (it) in the same way again also my blog johngarghan.blogspot.com/

Nature Energry

Nature Energry, originally uploaded by 好運將.

Winter Cattails

Winter Cattails, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

moon river

moon river, originally uploaded by skye_1899.

AgENt 0RanGe

AgENt 0RanGe, originally uploaded by ydaci.

Another take of that much abused orange :)

e martë, shkurt 03, 2009

Climbing The Old Fort..

Climbing The Old Fort.., originally uploaded by zeeleon.

Ranthambhore Fort, Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, India.
Camera: 20D, Lense: 70-200mm f2.8 L IS


roses, originally uploaded by isabellaf.

, originally uploaded by tEdGuY49®.

© All rights reserved tEdGuY49® pHoToGrApHy

Lower East Side

Lower East Side, originally uploaded by J.T.R..

Commercials in metro escalator tunnel


lamp, originally uploaded by barefoot cinderella.